Exclusion Zone, Part 2

And we’ve got another one. Exclusion case summary requests that EPD released before this are here and here.

The evening of June 14 a visitor from Washington State was walking through the Park Blocks with his two daughters when he witnessed an unprovoked assault and reported it to police.  The defendant, a 29 year old man who is 6’8” tall and who weighs 270 pounds, was sitting on a park bench while another adult man walked into the area of the park.  The defendant yelled and cursed at the second man who did not respond but continued walking.  The visitor watched as the defendant stood and attacked the second subject.  The defendant knocked the victim to the ground, punching and kicking him as he fell.  The victim fled and could not be located by responding officers.

Officers spoke with witnesses and identified the defendant who officers learned was in the park in violation of a park exclusion.

The defendant has previous arrests for Criminal Trespass, Theft, Menacing and Violation of Park Rules.

The subject has been arrested a number of times in Eugene.  He is a white male, age 29, no residential address.

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