One  Woman’s Trash…

Fashionista shares her free-box finds

The streets of Eugene are filled with treasures: free boxes overflowing, Dumpsters unlocked and waiting to be searched, all of it yours for the taking. All you need is a good eye, a little bit of imagination and maybe some rubber gloves. All of these clothes were found in free boxes around Eugene and have been dressed up with shoes and accessories from my collection.

Blue and white polka dot dress

This super cute dress was missing a button and needed a good wash. Sewing on a button is a mandatory life skill that a lot of people lack. You can find some serious treasures that only need one little, tiny fix.

Found: in a free pile on 8th & Van Buren

Belt: Deluxe, $10

Hair bow:, $6

Shoes: Frye, $150

Bow print cotton button up and denim cutoffs:

I cut the sleeves off the shirt and cut the pants into shorts! Don’t be afraid to cut up found items. You can experiment on them more freely since the cost of materials is nothing!

Found: blouse in a free box at a yard sale on River Road; shorts found on 3rd & Polk

Hair bow:, $5

1960s poppy print swimsuit:

Beautiful vintage clothes often get tossed out as outdated and tacky, something grandma left behind that no one could ever possibly want. Well, I want it! Plus, free clothes give you more money to spend on shoes!

Found: in a Dumpster on 18th & High

Hair bow:, $6

Shoes: Johnny Sole, $77

photography by Trask Bedortha

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