Apocalypse Now … and Then

2012 is flying by, people. The end is nigh, supposedly, on Dec. 21, and so this month, the University of Oregon Folklore program began a series of film screenings entitled “Apocalypse Now … and Then” that will run weekly through Wednesday, Nov. 21. Take a wild crack at what the films are about — yep, you guessed it: the end of the freaking world. The series includes such films as Children of Men (10-24), The Omega Man (11-7), Night of the Comet (11-21) and other such apocalyptic works. Are you a premillennial dispensationalist who simply adores cinema? Check this out before the earth checks out.

“Apocalypse Now … and Then” film screenings take place 7pm every Wednesday, in Willamette Hall 110, UO Campus; FREE.

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