Pollution Update 1-31-13

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) sent Robert Saltsgaver, Jr. a warning letter on Dec. 17 for significant violations of Oregon environmental law stemming from illegal disposal of an estimated 4,800 to 6,600 waste tires and construction and demolition debris at 31841 Cedar Creek Road, Cottage Grove.  The letter notes that such illegal disposal can lead to contamination of soil, surface water, and groundwater, and requests corrective actions.

DEQ sent Rosboro, LLC a warning letter on Jan. 11 for exceeding the total suspended solids (TSS) limit in its Clean Water Act permit by 42 percent on Dec. 11 at its Springfield facility. As noted in DEQ’s letter, high TSS levels block light from reaching underwater vegetation, which slows plant photosynthesis and reduces the amount of dissolved oxygen released by plants into water.

The City of Springfield recently visited the site where Willamalane Parks and Recreation District is constructing its Middle Fork Willamette Loop Path in response to a water pollution complaint by a local resident. The city summarized its observations during the visit in a Jan. 15 letter to Willamalane consultant OBEC Consulting Engineers, which included inadequate soil coverage at multiple locations immediately adjacent to the river, “posing an immediate potential for polluted discharge.” OBEC is in the process of addressing the problems identified by the city.

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