Glitter Bombs

Does the band name Glitter Dick mean a penis covered with glitter? Or a jerk who likes to be sparkly? Does it matter? No, nothing matters but the music, having good stage names and perfecting your delivery of “Whoa yeah.”

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the simple plan is the one that comes naturally or the one that has the most thought put into it. These three dudes and one girl (vocalist and keyboardist Kendoll Killjoy, guitarist Magnum P. Nye, bassist Dee Dee Ramen and drummer Suzi de Sade) have their minimalist delivery down pat. Their bio is brief but descriptive: “Play like Berry. Act like Iggy. Look like Bowie. We are Glitter Dick. We are an unholy combination of garage rock and glam fueled by punk nihilism.”

I can’t fathom how a band could go wrong with a combination like that. The New Mexico-based band self-released their debut album, Sparkling Richard, in December 2012. Though they’re just starting to make a name for themselves, according to an interview published last November in AMP Magazine, they’ve already been banned from a few clubs because of their rowdy live shows, and one of their early performances drew a protest from a Christian group. They’ve passed out acid and penis-shaped cookies at performances and purchased pillows from thrift stores so that the band and audience could have a massive pillow fight. What will they do at their John Henry’s show? Only one way to find out …

Glitter Dick plays with Cuntagious at 9 pm Saturday, March 9, at John Henry’s.

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