Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Once upon a time there was fuzz, and it was accidental. Then there came distortion. Then there came cleanliness, godliness and indie-pop. And then, quite inexplicably, there was fuzz again. We’re talking about production value here, and if there’s one band since indie-infamous Sleigh Bells that know how to do lo-fi right, it’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Take Ty Segall’s garage, Starfucker’s pop-chops, Wavves’ “I just don’t give a fuck” attitude, and the beauteous magic of a child’s imagination. Mix them all together. Gargle. Spit. Repeat. Whatever — just go and see Unknown Mortal Orchestra; they rock.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Wampire play 9pm Saturday, April 6, at WOW Hall fo’ FREE (tix available at UO Box Office).