Winter Bicycles

The name might be “Winter Bicycles,” but that’s probably because “Clean, Beautiful Bikes Customized for Absolutely Anything” is too clunky and long. Eric Estlund has been building custom bikes in the Eugene-Springfield area for six years, and he’s created everything from a knife-sharpening bike to bikes for commuting in the Chicago winter to bikes designed for riders with physical disabilities.

Winter Bicycles’ tools series bikes include a clean design and a frame designed for aggressive use (i.e. you can ride the hell out of them), while the custom series of bikes is fine-tuned for the fit and features of its rider

Details of Estlund’s Tenga Track bike/

While he doesn’t make art bikes, Estlund says he takes pride in the finer details such as stem badges and scalloping because they’re indicative of the level of attention paid to each element of the bikes