That 1 Guy

There are many instruments out there, each with its own timbre, tuning and technique of play. You’ve probably seen or heard some of the weirder ones — dulcimer, tanpura, whamola, etc. — but the Frankenstein creation That 1 Guy brings to the stage will knock your socks off. It’s affectionately known as the “magic pipe,” and it ain’t hard to see why. Bashing at the thing with drumsticks makes a percussive drone, which Mike Silverman, the “1 Guy” in this project, uses to great effect in his fuller, more bass-heavy, freak-metal sound. Fans of Primus, Buckethead and the like will find solace — and probably something completely different from what they were expecting — at this show.

That 1 Guy & Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club play 8pm Sunday, May 5, at WOW Hall; $13 adv., $15 door.