The May Special Election is May 21 and ballots can be mailed until Thursday, May 16. After that they can be dropped off at any white ballot box around town or at Lane County Elections offices at 10th and Lincoln. Here are our endorsements on selected local issues and contested races. More complete information can be found in our election issue (linked below). 

LCC Board Zone 1 Position

Sharon Stiles

Sharon Stiles of Florence represents rural Lane County. Those folks don’t always get their voices heard and they should, especially when it comes to LCC. 

Eugene School District 4J Position 3

Beth Gerot

Good on equity and funding but, we do have concerns about 4J’s direction. See Slant this week.

Lane ESD Board Position 3

Vanessa C. Truett

Cj Mann is a solid public servant, but we give the edge to Truett and her extensive background in education services. 

Ballot Measure 20-213

Public Safety Local Option — NO

Give us a public safety measure that does more than just put people in jail and have it be administered by people we trust, and we’ll endorse it, but not 20-213.

Ballot Measure 20-211

Eugene City Services Fee— NO

Liberal rag that we are, we’ll endorse a good city fee or tax when we see it. We don’t see one here. We love the services 20-211 says it will fund and think we can still fund them. But we don’t love the permanent flat tax, its vague language and its unfair burden on lower-income folks and very small businesses.

Ballot Measure 20-210

4J School Bonds — YES

“No more pencils, no more books, no more …”  actually, we say “yes” to more. Kids need better books, tech and classrooms.  

Dexter Sanitary District Position 3

John Bauguess

Bauguess is running unopposed, but we’ll take this opportunity to point out that Bauguess has worked to save Parvin Butte as well as wrestle with the sanitation issues Dexter faces. We need more people who care in politics. 

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