Lovebird Grrrls

It’s always a little bit of magic when two people can make music together that is larger than the sum of their individual parts. Such is the case with San Diego folk-pop duo The Lovebirds.

Formed by two singer-songwriters, Lindsay White and Veronica May (one has perfect pitch and one has perfect dimples), The Lovebirds possess the earnestness of the Indigo Girls along with the playfulness of Tegan and Sara. The Lovebirds’ first album, Nutsy Pants, was nominated by the San Diego Music Awards, which recognizes the best local bands in that area. They followed up Nutsy Pants with and a one, and a two, which just hatched on May 2.

The Lovebirds take their sexually ambiguous nature and infuse it with fuzzy guitar, melodies and hooks to the extreme. On top of their guitar and ukulele, they add in some electric guitar and bass from their producer, Jeff Berkeley. The two women trade off harmonies on the track “Landmine,” which celebrates their relationship with all its peaks and valleys. The track “Goldmine” seems to be a response to “Landmine,” in which they’ve both accepted and looked forward to the pay-off of a long-term relationship.

White and May are both life partners and musical partners, and regardless of which one has the pitch and which one has the dimples, The Lovebirds seem to be a perfect pair.

The Lovebirds play at 7:30 pm Sunday, May 12, at the Axe & Fiddle in Cottage Grove; $3-$5.