Pollution Update 5-9-13

The city of Eugene sent Doc’s Pad a notice of violation April 26 for failing to remove food grease from a catch basin that is clearly marked with a “No Dumping” placard. The grease was poured into the catch basin by a Doc’s Pad contractor (C & A Industrial Supplies, Inc., doing business as “Extreme Clean”) on the morning of April 16, and Doc’s Pad was contacted by the city the same morning and told to remove it. The city dispatched a vactor truck three days later to remove the grease when Doc’s Pad had failed to do so. The city of Eugene assessed a civil penalty of $640 against the contractor. Prize Properties leaking septic system on Quarry Road (EW 4/11, http://goo.gl/j6YR2) continues to be a problem, despite the efforts of the city of Springfield, Lane County and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Dean Higginson of Prize Properties is president of Custom Audio, Inc., (4080 W. 11th in Eugene).

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