Red, White and Punk

Whether you revere the red, white and blue, or just love a day off to drink a beer and eat a hot dog (real or tofu) — July 4 is a time to celebrate independence. And this year Eugene-based troublemakers PORK Magazine are putting the indie back in Independence Day with an all-day lineup of rock ‘n’ roll bands in The Whit.

Notable on the bill is Milwaukee-based Jaill (pictured). Jaill, signed to Sub Pop Records, play short, sharp pop-punk anthems — heavy on snot-nosed attitude, constantly frenetic and always melodic. Jaill recalls vintage punk bands like the Buzzcocks or The Replacements, bringing rock music back to basics.

Rounding out the day is Cosmonauts. Signed to Bay-area label Burger Records, the Cosmonauts play droning ’60s-era psyche-rock reminiscent of The 13th Floor Elevators, The Pretty Things or The Count Five; beneath all the fuzz, distortion and vocals that sound like they were recorded in a drain pipe are some strong and cohesive pop songs.

Joining Jaill and Cosmonauts is Zachary James and The All Seeing Eyes — think New York Dolls’ David Johansen doing Ramones and Elvis Costello covers, complete with ’70s glam outfits, and Alexandra & The Starlight Band — mixing Janis Joplin-esque toughness with a big neo-soul sound.

The all-ages Tiny Tavern 4th of July Rock ‘n’ Roll Extravaganza (presented by PORK Magazine) runs 5 to 10 pm Thursday, July 4, in the Tiny Tavern parking lot, 394 Blair Blvd.; free. — William Kennedy