Back O’er Oregon (filmed in 185 Oregon state parks)

I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t realize Oregon had 185 state parks. Not only do we have that many parks, The Weather Machine has filmed its new music video for “Back O’er Oregon” in all of them.

Here’s the list of parks from The Weather Machine’s website, in order of appearance (*indicate not a state park):

Portland, OR 0:01*

Government Island State Park 0:17

Hat Rock State Park 0:19

Battle Mountain Scenic Corridor 0:21

Benson State Recreation Area 0:23

McVay Rock State Park 0:27

Minam State Recreation Area 0:29

Agate Beach State Recreation Area 0:30

Driftwood Beach State Recreation Area 0:32

Memaloose State Park 0:33

Crissey Fields State Recreation Area 0:34

Rooster Rock State Park 0:36

Heritage Landing (Deschutes) 0:38

W.B. Nelson Recreation Site 0:40

Smelt Sands State Recreation Area 0:41

Pete French Round Barn State Heritage Site 0:42

White River Falls State Park 0:43

Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area 0:46

Ochoco State Scenic Viewpoint 0:48

Fall Creek State Recreation Area 0:49

Hoffman Memorial State Wayside 0:50

Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint 0:51

Arizona State Recreation Area 0:53

Lowell State Recreation Area 0:54

Touvelle State Recreation Area 0:55

Clyde Holliday State Recreation Area 0:56

Ellmaker State Wayside 0:57

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park 0:58

Whale Watching Center 0:58

Deschutes River State Recreation Area 1:00

Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area 1:01

Humbug Mountain State Park 1:01

Fort Yamhill State Heritage Site 1:02

Lost Creek State Recreation Site 1:04

* Historic Columbia River Highway (Tooth Rock Trailhead) 1:05

Kum Wah Chung State Heritage Site 1:05

Sonefield Beach State Recreation Site 1:06

Vista House/Crown Point State Scenic Corridor 1:07

Neskowin Beach State Recreation Area 1:08

Pistol River State Scenic Corridor 1:09

Umpqua Wayside (Umpqua State Scenic Corridor) 1:09

Cape Lookout State Park 1:10

Milo McIver State Park 1:10

Nehalem Bay State Park 1:11

Alesea Bay Bridge Historic Interpretive Center 1:13

William M. Tugman State Park 1:14

Detroit Lake State Recreation Area 1:14

Beaver Creek State Recreation Area 1:15

Prineville Reservoir State Park 1:16

Bradley State Park 1:18

Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area 1:23

Farewell Bend State Recreation Area 1:24

Muriel O. Ponsler State Scenic Viewpoint 1:24

Harris Beach State Recreation Site 1:25

Casey State Recreation Area 1:25

Oceanside Beach State Recreation Area 1:26

Bob Creek Wayside 1:30

Smith Rock State Park Chandler State Wayside 1:32

* Chandler State Park 1:34

Erratic Rock State Natural Site 1:37

Owahee Lake State Park 1:39

Mayer State Park 1:40

Portland Women’s Forum State Recreation Site 1:42

Silver Fall State Park 1:44

Tyron Sreek State Natural Area 1:46

Paradise Point State Recreation Area 1:49

Dexter State Recreation Area 1:50

Yaquina Bay State Recreation Area 1:51

Bolon Island Tideways State Scenic Corridor 1:53

Hug Point State Recreation Site 1:55

Angle’s Rest Trailhead (part of Bridal Veil) 2:00

Golden & Silver Falls State Natural Area 2:02

Joseph H. Stewart Recreation Area 2:05

Ecola State Park 2:08

Collier Memorial State Park 2:09

Koberg Beach State Recreation Area 2:10

Booth State Scenic Corridor 2:11

Goose Lake State Recreation Area 2:12

Manhattan Beach State Recreation Area 2:12

Dyer State Wayside 2:13

Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint 2:14

Cottonwood Canyon State Park 2:15

Port Orford Head State Park 2:16

Detroit Lake Campground 2:16

Valley Of he Rouge State Recreation Site 2:17

Ainsworth State Park 2:18

Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint 2:19

Strawberry Hill Wayside 2:19

Wallowa River Wayside (Wallowa Lake Highway Forest State Scenic Corridor) 2:20

Otter Pint State Recreation Site 2:21

LaPine State Park Bullard’s Beach State Park 2:22

*Bullards Beach State Park 2:22

Bandon Wayside (Bandon State Natural Area) 2:23

Washburn State Wayside 2:24

Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park 2:24

Sunset Bay State Park 2:25

Governor Patterson Memorial State Recreation Site 2:25

Bandon State Natural Area (Devil’s Kitchen) 2:26

Geisel Monument State Heritage Site 2:28

– Terisadun State Recreation Site 2:30 (Tseriadun State Recreation Site)

Winchuck State recreation Site 2:32

Conde B McCullough State Recreation Site 2:35

Oswald West State Park 2:36

Fort Stevens Beach State Recreation Area 2:40

Bonnie Lure State Recreation Area 2:42

Bates State Park 2:45

Frenchglen State Heritage Site 2:46

Alfred A. Loeb State Park 2:47

Tub Springs State Wayside 2:48

Saddle Mountain State Recreation Site 2:49

Beachside State Recreation Site 2:52

Mary S. Young State Recreation Area 2:53

Viento State Park State Park 2:54

Ona Beach State Park 2:55

The Cove Palisades State Park 2:56

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area 2:58

Golden Townsite State Heritage Area 3:01

Red Bridge State Wayside 3:03

Cape Argo State Park 3:04

Hecta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint 3:05

Banks-Vernonia State Trail 3:06

Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint 3:06

Coquille Myrtle Grove State Natural Site 3:07

Glenden Beach State Park 3:07

Starvation Creek State Park 3:09

Succor Creek State Natural Area 3:10

Coaka Landing State Park 3:11

Maud Williamson State Recreation Site 3:12

Arcadia State Recreation Site 3:13

Ophir State Recreation Site 3:14

Mitchell Point State Park 3:15

Alderwood State Wayside 3:16

Cape Blanco State Park 3:17

Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint 3:17

Lewis & Clark State Recreation Site 3:18

Beverly Beach State Park 3:19

Fogarty Creek State Recreation Site 3:20

Ukiah-Dale Forest State Scenic Corridor 3:21

Willamette Stone State Heritage Site 3:21

Latourell Falls / Guy W. Talbot State Park 3:22

Bob Straub State Park 3:24

Prospect State Scenic Viewpoint 3:26

Cascadia State Park 3:28

North Santiam State Recreation Area 3:30

Illinois River Forks State Park 3:32

Tokatee Klootchman Wayside 3:33

Champoeg State Heritage Site 3:36

Bridal Veil State Scenic Viewpoint 3:38

Elija Bristow State Park 3:40

Ontario State Recreation Site 3:41

Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint 3:43

Thompson’s Mills State Heritage Site 3:44

Unity Lake State Recreation Area 3:47

Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site 3:50

Molalla River State Park 3:51

Munson Creek Falls State Natural Area 3:52

State Capitol State Park 3:54

Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site 3:57

Fountain Wayside 3:59

OC & E Woods Line Trail State Park 4:00

Del Ray Beach State Recreation Site 4:02

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park 4:04

Catherine Creek State Park 4:06

Clay Meyers Natural Area 4:07

Peter Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint 4:08

Willamette Mission State Park 4:11

Lake Yachts State Recreation Area 4:12

Darlingtonia State Natural Site 4:13

Outside Succor Creek 4:14*

Tolovana Beach Recreation Site 4:15

Seal Rock Recreation Site 4:16

Floras Lake State Natural Area 4:17

Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint 4:18

Wolf Creek Inn State Heritage Site 4:20

Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint 4:22

Warm Springs State Recreation Area 4:24

Jasper State Recreation Area 4:25

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor 4:26

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint 4:26

Hilgard Junction State Recreation Area 4:29

Carl C. Washburn Memorial State Park 4:31

Fort Rock State Natural Area 4:32

Dabney State Recreation Area 4:33

Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor 4:34

South Beach State Park (South Jetty) 4:36

Sarah Helmick State Recreation Area 4:38

Portland, OR 4:40*