The Women’s Issue

Now is a fascinating time to be a woman. Despite the hurdles — like the persistent $0.23 hourly gender wage gap and a record number of legislative attacks on reproductive rights in 2013 — women are more visible than ever, in no small part because of the information age. Change begins at home: We at EW believe that recognizing the women in our community is a vital part of battling gender discrimination.

Here are just some of the local women who have left their mark.

The Arts Advocate

Hope Pressman continues her lifelong fight for the arts in Eugene (Read full profile)

Moving Right Along

Denise Thomas-Morrow brings exercise to the classroom (Read full profile)

Come Together

Chandra LeGue builds relationships to protect the environment (Read full profile)

Science Superstar

Geri Richmond steers national policy (Read full profile)

Demystifying Immigration

Raquel Hecht navigates the legal waters (Read full profile)

The Civic Engineer

Laura Illig tackles the city budget, school bonds and politics (Read full profile)

Seeing the Stories Unfold

Dr. Leigh Saint-Louis provides a personal and flexible practice to the community (Read full profile)

Furthering Human Rights

Patricia Cortez supports Latino youth and political violence survivors (Read full profile)

Seeking a Climate Solution

Kelsey Juliana and Olivia Chernaik step up (Read full profile)

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