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Friends and Family
Friends and Family

Get ready for a whole lotta Seattle. On Friday, May 2, Sam Bond’s welcomes a showcase of three up-and-coming indie rock bands from that other Emerald City. Who’s on first? Friends and Family. Celebrating the release of their debut record Happy, Good-Looking, and in Love, Friends and Family blend the lush, idiosyncratic arrangements of Arcade Fire with Of Montreal’s glitter-pop; the sound is artful, intellectual and over the top in all the right ways. The track “Be Still” is carnivalesque with new wave flourishes, and “Night of the Hunter” is embellished with Spaghetti Western atmosphere.

The Horde and The Harem are also hot off a new release, Fairweather Friends, which came out in April. On balance, they are less quirky and frenetic than Friends and Family, but The Horde and The Harem are equally rooted in post-Arcade Fire indie rock; album track “Robbery” adds gentle folk-rock harmonies to Neil Young-style vocals that swoop into Radiohead-esque falsettos.

Rounding out the bill, and crossing into power pop territory, is The Hoot Hoots. The band bio states that The Hoot Hoots “pledge allegiance to the United States of Have-A-Good-Time.” On record, The Hoot Hoots tend toward garage-y, bouncy and energetic. “Mr Ghost” recalls The Shins and “Robots in Space 2.0” is childish and fun — think Weezer meets They Might Be Giants with a big shout-along chorus.

The Horde and The Harem, The Hoot Hoots and Friends and Family play 8:30 pm Friday, May 2, at Sam Bond’s; $6.