Lane County Area Spray Schedule 6-5-14

ODOT is currently spraying roadsides. Call Tony Kilmer at ODOT District 5 at 744-8080 or call (888) 996-8080 for herbicide application information. Hwys. I-5, 58, 99, 101, 105, 126 and Territorial were sprayed recently. 

• Weyerhaeuser Company, 744-4684, plans to hire Mountainside Spray, 756-1193, to spray 2700 feet of roadsides near Hawley Creek with glyphosate, methylated seed oil and/or triclopyr. See ODF notice 2014-771-00460, call Marvin Vetter at 726-3588 with questions. 

• Miller Family Trust in Mapleton and Bradley and Kathy Miller in Ketchikan, Alaska, plan to hire Rosboro LLC, 746-8411, to spray 2 acres of roadsides along Rice Creek Road with 2,4-D, glyphosate, imazapyr and/or triclopyr. See ODF notices 2014-781-00540 and 2014-781-00541, call ODF’s Jim Hall at 997-8713 with questions.

• Weyerhaeuser, 988-7502, plans to hire Oregon Forest Management Services, 896-3757, to ground spray Garlon 3A on 5 acres near Richie and Taylor creeks. See ODF notification 2014-771-00473, call Tim Meehan at 726-3588 with questions.