Reserve your spot at the annual invasive species cook-off

Asian carp, nutria and crayfish are a few of the nasty invasive species in Oregon that compete with native wildlife and cause trouble to local ecosystems. It just so happens that these invasive species are edible, and what better way to combat an ecological threat than to turn it into a delicious entre? You can do your part to save the environment at the Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE)’s Invasive Species Cook-off: Eradication by Mastication. According to Tamara Mullen of the IAE:

The Cook-off was created to raise awareness and support to combat the problems caused by invasive species on our natural world and economy. It is an elegant (and quirky) event in a gorgeous setting, with a focus on educational outreach enriched by devouring delicious adventurous invasive cuisine presented by top culinary artists of the Pacific Northwest, and one from the Deep South too!

While the dinner doesn’t take place until Sept. 28 in Salem, the early-bird price to dine is a $65 donation through July 30, so head on over to the event’s website to stake your claim.