The World’s Shortest Bike Race: It’s happening

On Sept. 28, Falling Sky Pub is launching a battle to the finish line of not-so-epic proportions — 13.1 feet, to be exact. It’s bound to be a disastrously funny experience, especially given the fact that they’re “encouraging racers to drink beer before and after the race.”

From the press release:

It should take about 2.4 seconds to finish line glory. If you break a sweat you’re doing it wrong!


“We thought it was such a great and at the same time, absurd concept. Someone will win without really trying and that’s the whole point! It both celebrates and promotes biking. This is something that we have been interested in since we opened,” says Rob Cohen, co-owner of Falling Sky Brewing.

Strap on your helmet, prepare for a few seconds of epic riding and be at Falling Sky Brewing, 1334 Oak Alley, at 3pm Sunday,  Sept. 28. Need more incentive? Falling Sky says the first 100 people to register will receive free commemorative “13.1 feet of hell” T-shirts. The race is on.