Pollution Update 11-20-14

Christopher John Bartels (doing business as Bartels Packing) has been cited for violations once again by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. (For information on past violations, see EW 6/27, goo.gl/Xb41PD, EW 5/8, goo.gl/BhX5vP, EW 9/4, goo.gl/2gAaie.) Bartels operates a slaughterhouse west of Eugene (south of Fern Ridge Reservoir) and is required by his DEQ-issued permit to sample the blood waste from slaughtered animals applied to land near the slaughterhouse, and to submit sampling results to DEQ by January 15 each year. Bartels submitted 2012 results more than a year-and-a-half late and 2013 results more than six months late, and DEQ discovered that Bartels did not actually do any sampling for 2013, and instead Bartels “extrapolated” 2013 results based on 2012 results. Bartels’ failure to sample in 2013 and submittal of extrapolated results to DEQ are serious violations, and DEQ has referred the matter to its Office of Compliance & Enforcement for formal action (which will likely result in fines).

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