Let’s Go to Market

Find your last-minute gifts at the grocery store

Some people do all their holiday shopping in one day. Others do it at their leisure over the course of weeks. Then there are the procrastinators, who do last-minute shopping at the grocery store. They are good people — they just need a little help.

And to be honest, I am one of them. So I can’t offer too much in the way of sage advice. Instead, what I did is dropped by the glittering palace that is Market of Choice, imagined I was a harried, last-minute shopper (which wasn’t hard) and walked frantically up and down the aisles. Below are some of the things I saw that would make quick and easy gifts.

• Chocolate Decadence is a local company that focuses on, arguably, one of the most perfect gifts: chocolate. I spotted small bags of their chocolate-covered almond clusters, chocolate-covered pretzels and organic chocolate mint buttons. Realistically speaking, no one can say no to things like these. Don’t miss the special “Eugene” chocolate bar ($3.59) with a tie-dye patterned wrapper to send to far-away relatives.

A selection of shoulder bags from Epic Dream Designs hangs on a rack on one aisle. The tag calls them “100-percent cotton Thai purses,” perfect for slinging over your shoulder and running out the door. They are simple, functional bags made from colorful fabric and ready to hold light loads of groceries or books. At $10.99 each, a set of three would make a lovely gift.

Many Eugeneans agree that Wandering Goat Coffee Co. has some of the best coffee in town. With vivid names like Decaf Peru Penachi ($14.99), Ethiopia Yiragacheffe Aylele ($12.99) and Heart of Darkness ($12.49), it is clear that this stuff comes from all over the world, but it is easy to take a bag or two home for friends or family.

• Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap ($5.49-$12.99), available in different sizes on the shelves of Market of Choice, has hemp oil as an essential ingredient. Now that Measure 91 has legalized industrial hemp production in Oregon, perhaps it’s appropriate to take a celebratory bath with it.

These items were found at Market of Choice, 1960 Franklin Blvd., open 7 am to midnight daily. Call 687-1188.