No Plastic Panic

Two Eugene businesses help you go plastic-free this holiday season

Holiday gift-giving need not equate to more garbage in the landfill, according to two Eugene businesses: Bhumi Refillery, with a retail location on Willamette Street, and We Refill It, an eco-friendly and organic household cleaning and body care product delivery service.  

For the holidays, Tippi Pollett from We Refill It recommends the starter kit. In both large and small sizes, the starter kits offer hand, dish and laundry soap, among other products, delivered to homes and businesses in plastic-free packaging.

We Refill It also has self-care and shaving product delivery, with further product customization on the We Refill It website and free pick-up options available. 

With We Refill It it’s easier than ever to eliminate single-use plastics, Pollett says.

“We deliver in glass and refill the bottles,” and the shaving package includes a refillable wooden bowl for shaving soap, she adds. 

With a retail location at 1801 Willamette Street in Eugene, Bhumi Refillery hosts re-fill stations for commonly used household and body care products, according to business owner Mollie DeCost. 

“We also have a variety of items available for purchase to get people started on their zero-waste journey,” DeCost says, with a plant repotting station — bring your own plant or buy one in-store. 

There are also free services at Bhumi like a plant swap wall. There’s also what DeCost describes as a small metaphysical section filled with gift ideas. 

In addition, Bhumi has “six TerraCyle boxes available to drop off several hard to recycle items,” DeCost says. Her business is “a member of Unique Eugene,” a local business alliance, and “we also sell Bhumi e-gift cards in our store,” she says.

For more information about WeRefillit go to Bhumi Refillery is located in The Meridian Building at 1801 Willamette Street in Eugene and is open Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm, closed on Sundays. Go to for more information.