Pollution Update 12-18-14

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has once again found Pacific Recycling to be in violation of the Clean Water Act at its facility on Cross Street (near Roosevelt Boulevard) in Eugene (see EW 6/19, goo.gl/0Icqbj regarding a $327,686 fine assessed against Pacific Recycling in June). DEQ sent Pacific Recycling a warning letter in November for “failing to adequately stabilize or cover soil stockpiles.”  The stockpiles contain soil contaminated with wood treatment agents from neighboring J.H. Baxter and have been present on the Pacific Recycling site for over a year, during which time “DEQ has received numerous reports of poor management of the soil piles (specifically related to keeping the piles covered and managing runoff water).” DEQ is accepting comments through 5 pm Dec. 19 on the proposed renewal of the “closure permit” for a former Pope & Talbot industrial waste landfill in Oakridge (currently owned by Hills Creek Properties LLC). Go to goo.gl/9IHsdQ for more information.

DEQ recently sent Jeanne M. Burris a pre-enforcement notice for illegal waste tire storage at property owned by Burris at 29882 Kelso St. in Eugene. This notice follows up on a warning letter that DEQ sent to Burris for the same violation in July of last year (see EW 8/8/13, goo.gl/8za9J3). The 2013 warning letter gave Burris until Jan. 15, 2014 to address the problem, but it appears that Burris has failed to do so. The recent notice gives Burris until the end of this year to correct the problem. 

DEQ also recently sent a warning letter to Schnitzer Steel Industries illegally transporting waste tires on rims from the Kelso Street site to its Eugene facility, de-rimming them, and then transporting them back to the Kelso Street site. DEQ points out that “[i]mproper storage of waste tires can create fire hazards and provide habitat for noxious insects and rodents.” 

DEQ is accepting comments on the erosion and sediment control plan for Hayden Homes’ Glacier Meadows Subdivision in Springfield until 5 pm Dec. 15. Visit http://goo.gl/Yp4iAK for information on commenting.