Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach

Electronic dance music is hotter than ever, nowhere more so than in Eugene. “Eugene has been an incredibly supportive place for our band to really thrive and to develop our own unique sound,” says Nathan Asman, who alongside guitarist Keith Randel and drummer Travis Lien makes up the Eugene-based livetronica act Hamilton Beach.

“The livetronic-EDM [electronic dance music] scene is very strong and nurturing here,” Asman says, “and there’s no way we would be where we are as a band without the music scene here.”

There’s a misconception amongst live music fans that EDM is just people “twiddling knobs” or “pressing play” or, in short, EDM artists lack real musical chops. However, Asman feels Hamilton Beach blends the best of electronic music with the excitement of seeing a conventional band play live.

“I feel like we bring a level of musicality and musicianship to the electronic music scene that isn’t really there with generic DJ-style acts,” Asman says, stressing that even though Hamilton Beach is “electronically based” they are still a live band, not a typical EDM act.

“The fact that we are actually playing the music in real time, not just pressing play or only messing with faders and knobs, definitely separates us,” Asman says.

“Nothing can replace the spontaneous joy of live music,” Asman adds, continuing, “We take the improvisational aspects of jam bands and jazz artists and infuse them with electronic synths and percussion. The intent of such a combination is to return the audience-to-musician relationship that lacks in so many otherwise phenomenal electronic musical experiences.”

Hamilton Beach plays 10 pm Friday, Jan. 9, at Luckey’s; $5. 21-plus.

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