Straight-up Party



Straight-edge bands get a bad rap. Often unfairly branded as a general crankiness toward all things fun, the straight-edge, or “sXe,” movement is largely anti bar, house party or any other place where drugs or alcohol might rear their ugly heads. It isn’t a scene particularly synonymous with “ragers.”

However, Matt Weltner, vocalist for Seattle-based hardcore band Clarity, assures EW that the band still knows how to throw down. When asked if they tire of explaining why they don’t party, he contests: “We NEVER tell anyone that we don’t party. We party just as hard as anyone else; our parties just involve more football, magic cards, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, books and lots of coffee.”

Though they may not party the way much of Eugene does, Clarity definitely knows how to rile up a proper circle pit. The 2013 EP Unstoppable consists of five bare-knuckle mosh anthems that, despite the title, ends far too soon, especially considering the two-year silence that ensued after its release.

Weltner admits that Clarity’s return to our Emerald City will indeed include the unveiling of some much-awaited new material. The band just wrapped up recording a yet-to-be-titled 7-inch that he says is “musically in line with the old stuff, but faster, darker and more aggressive.”

So strap on your helmets and practice those spin kicks — it’s party time.

Fellow hardcore brethren Young Turks, Red Scare and Novelas join Clarity 7 pm Saturday, April 11, at The Boreal, 450 W. 3rd Ave.; $8. All ages.

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