Arclin U.S.A. fined $5,200 for illegally discharging from its formaldehyde-based manufacturing facility in Springfield.

Pollution Update 7-9-15

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) fined Arclin U.S.A. $5,200 last month for illegally discharging pollution to waters of the state early last year from its formaldehyde and formaldehyde-based resin manufacturing facility near 28th and Main in Springfield. Arclin’s discharges were low-pH and high in biochemical oxygen demand, with BOD levels as high as 203 percent of the limit in Arclin’s Clean Water Act permit. DEQ notes that BOD “is a significant water pollutant problem that harms aquatic communities by reducing the amount of oxygen available to fish and other aquatic life.” Arclin’s Clean Water Act permit expired in 1999, but DEQ allows it to continue discharging pollution to state waters, and it’s not clear when DEQ will get around to renewing the permit.

DEQ is accepting comments through 5 pm Monday, July 13, on proposed treatment of water contaminated with dry cleaning chemicals from the former McAyeal’s Wardrobe Cleaners. The contaminated water infiltrates basement drains at the Eugene Public Library, and treated water would be discharged to the Willamette River. Visit for more information on commenting.