Update: Rocky Horror Picture Show review

In regards to the Rocky Horror Picture Show review that was published today, it has been brought to our attention that the cast names were inaccurate. We are incredibly sorry for this mistake and oversight. We have learned our lesson and will do everything we can to insure we don't make a mistake like that again. 

We have posted the corrected article here.

However, we would like to address rumors that the Eugene Weekly reprinted, or plagiarized, a review from 8 years ago. This is false. Our reviewer Isabel Zacharias attended the Friday, Oct. 23, showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at Actors Cabaret of Eugene.

For good measure, we checked out archives and we could only find two reviews from the past 10 years, neither of which resemble the review published today. You can read those reviews here:

Still Warped (2005)

Transsexual Transylvania (2008)

We sincerely apologize for mis-identifying the cast, as artists rarely get the recognition they deserve anyway. One big mea culpa from EW.

If you have any more information on the matter, or want to share a concern, please contact alex@eugeneweekly.com