Book Review: The Ghosts Who Travel with Me

The Ghosts Who Travel with Me is a necessary read for all wanderlusting folks of the world. Author Allison Green recounts her story of exploring Brautigan’s route through Idaho from his novel Trout Fishing in America. On her own literary pilgrimage, Green grapples with her deep relation to Brautigan’s writing as a woman, a lesbian and a feminist. She tells of the discoveries in her own life that this literary filter provides her in a voice both poignant and clever.

The book is short and sweet. It gripped my attention for the full three hours of reading.

In that time Green takes readers on a journey that will resonate with anyone who holds a love of adventure and literature in their soul.

When you find yourself stuck by the fire this winter, pick up a copy of this tale for a quick and lovely escape.

The Ghosts Who Travel with Me by Allison Green. Ooligan Press, $15.95

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