Pell Yeah!

Inspired by the possibilities of lucid dreaming


Jared Pellerin grew up in New Orleans but was displaced in high school when Hurricane Katrina hit. Forced to abandon all of his possessions and take with him only his resilience and the influence of New Orleans’ music culture, Pellerin relocated with his family to Jackson, Mississippi.

“Heard it’s the darkest before the dawn, the calmest before the storm” Pellerin intones on his 2014 debut album, Floating While Dreaming.

Pellerin, better known by his rapper name Pell, takes his dreams, both subconscious and conscious, very seriously. Inspired by the possibilities of lucid dreaming — the state of self-aware dreaming — his debut as well as his sophomore album, LIMBO, explore the nebulous terrain of striving toward but having not yet achieved one’s dream. His soul-infused hip hop reflects this liminal state, maneuvering naturally and thoughtfully from dance hook to introspective lyricism.

Often lauded as reinventing the scope of rap through his ambient and ethereal sound, Pell has distinguished himself as an artist on the rise, one who honors tradition while simultaneously forging forward into new landscapes. His live shows, markedly animated and passionate, are further evidence that Pell loves what he does.

“Last night I fell in love with the hustle,” Pell sings on his new album. “It’s been a long time working on a dream/ So tonight I see myself above the troubles as music saves my life again.”

Daye Jack and J.I.D. of Spillage Village join Pell 9 pm Thursday, March 10, at WOW Hall; $12 adv., $15 door.