Fundraiser To Help Fix Lane County Pets

“Millions of unwanted animals are euthanized every year in this country” as the result of pet overpopulation, says Misha English, a board member for Stop Pet Overpopulation Today (SPOT). Since 1997, SPOT has provided spay and neuter financial assistance for low and no income Lane County residents. 

On April 9, Amazon Park Animal Clinic will present SPOT’s Roaring ’20s Casino Night and Silent Auction at The Shedd.

The proceeds from the auction allow SPOT to continue offering spay and neutering services for pets, and to raise a goal of $12,000 for SPOT’s Great Pit Fix Program, which aims to fix 150 pit bulls. The Great Pit Fix Program will launch after the April 9 fundraiser, charging local low and no income pit bull owners only $10 to have their pit bulls spayed or neutered.

English explains that there can be a stigma associated with pit bulls, which results in higher rates of pit bulls at animal shelters.

“The bigger breeds, the ones that are harder to place, the ones that have a public perception of higher aggression and the ones that have bigger litters, those are animals that need to be spayed and neutered, or we are going to have an even bigger problem in the shelters than we do now,” English says.

Since last year, SPOT, which for several years was funded through large grants from national foundations, no longer receives two of its largest grants, which have ceased to exist. Last year, SPOT funded just over $31,000 in spay and neuter surgeries, and the nonprofit projects a need for $40,000 this year.

English explains that without spaying and neutering, dogs face potential health risks. Female dogs are at risk of developing a fatal uterine infection called pyometra, which can be prevented through spaying. Male dogs are at risk of developing common testicular or prostate cancers, and can have less aggression if neutered before the age of six months.

At the fundraiser, guests can participate in a silent auction that includes the opportunity to be named as a character in author David Rosenfelt’s new psychological thriller. Attendees can also win a collection of the complete series of Downton Abbey, among other prizes.

SPOT’s fundraiser begins at 5:30 pm Saturday, April 9, at The Shedd, 868 High Street. Tickets are $45 for one ticket, $40 each for two and $35 each for three or more. Find more info at