Mr. Sandman

Four writers, a photographer and various other staffers from Eugene Weekly joined the 8,000 Bernie Sanders fans who flooded Springfield’s Island Park on April 28, less than 24 hours after his visit was announced by his brilliant advance team.

We’re running their words and pictures a week later, long after mainstream media has dropped the details, because Sanders’ story transcends his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president.

This is the story of a movement, maybe even a seismic shift in America’s direction if the young people at Island Park and every Bernie rally are indicators. They are fired up and ready to fight for a more equitable country, a government that truly works for the people.

Oregon’s Junior Senator Jeff Merkley has already signed on. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown probably will join, along with many more courageous leaders.

So, read on, cast your ballot for this round, and join the movement led by Senator Bernie Sanders (D-S of Vermont).

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