Dine with Your Dog

Eating out doesn’t always mean leaving your pet behind

We live in a very pet-friendly area with many restaurants that allow customers to dine with their dogs … or cats. When I first got my dog a little more than a year ago, she was an 8-week-old rescue puppy with a boxer face and blue heeler paws, and I never wanted to leave her home alone. So she went everywhere with me.

Looking back, this probably wasn’t the best idea, because now every time she hears my keys she bolts for the door and gets so excited. That being said, I really appreciated all the places that let her sit with me at the table when she was just 8 pounds, and I really appreciate them now that she’s 55 pounds and full of energy.

Although under Oregon law restaurants cannot allow pets in an indoor dining area unless they are service dogs, most of those with outdoor seating welcome animals as long as they’re leashed and well behaved. Most provide water bowls, and some even have dog treats. Here are some of my favorites:

Cornbread Cafe

At Cornbread Cafe, “pets are encouraged,” says Eric Dezin, who works for the café. Not only are dogs allowed in their outdoor seating area, but cats are as well. Dezin comments that they had a customer bring a cat in on a leash not too long ago. “Animals mean different things to different people, and it’s nice to be able to have breakfast with them,” Dezin says. “It’s part of the Eugene culture.”


beergarden. on West 6th Avenue has a separate side entrance for customers to bring their dogs into the patio area. “We have water bowls,” bartender Kyle Everett says, “and one of our other bartenders, Christine, loves giving out treats.” Not too many restaurants have treats for their animal guests, but according to Everett, beergarden. wants to make sure everyone has a good time, including pets. “We wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone,” Everett says. “We didn’t want the, ‘Aw, we can’t go to beergarden. because we have pets.’”

Hideaway Bakery

Hideaway Bakery is exactly what the name implies. I drove by it a couple times before I found the correct driveway. It’s a tiny spot tucked behind Mazzi’s Italian Restaurant with a cute covered patio. Bev Forster and her husband say they usually walk to Hideaway Bakery with their dog, Chai. “I love the coffee, and it’s within walking distance,” Forster says. “I bring Chai often, and what’s nice is they usually have a watering bowl for pets, so he gets to have a drink while he’s here too.” She says, “It’s a nice spot to come and have a rest.”

Sizzle Pie & Off the Waffle

If you’re looking for a downtown place to hang out with your furry companion, Sizzle Pie and Off the Waffle have a smattering of outdoor seating where you can dine with you pet. They provide water bowls, and the location is great for enjoying the downtown atmosphere.

Sweet Life Petite & Prince Pückler’s

With the opening of Sweet Life Petite a couple doors down from Prince Pückler’s off 19th and Agate, this corner by the UO campus is perfect for a little treat. Both places provide water bowls, and you can buy fancy dog biscuits for $1 from Sweet Life. I love taking my pup here and getting her a treat while enjoying something sweet.

For more pet-friendly culinary adventures, here is a non-comprehensive list of food establishments that allow you to dine with your pet:

Cornbread Cafe


1290 W. 7th Ave.

Agate Alley Bistro


1461 E. 19th Ave.

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen

400 Blair Blvd.

Sizzle Pie


910 Willamette St.

Cafe 440


440 Coburg Rd.

Toshi’s Ramen


1520 Pearl St.

Off the Waffle


2540 Willamette St.

Newman’s Fish Co.


1545 Willamette St.

Vero Espresso


205 E. 14th Ave.

Hideaway Bakery


3377 E. Amazon Dr.

Morning Glory Café


450 Willamette St.

Prince Pückler’s


1605 E. 19th Ave.

Sweet Life Petite


1609 E. 19th Ave.

Sabai Cafe & Bar


27 Oakway Center

Plank Town Brewing Co.


346 Main St., Springfield



777 W. 6th Ave.

Noisette Pastry Kitchen


200 W. Broadway

The Pump Café


710 Main St., Springfield

Cornucopia Restaurant


295 W. 17th Ave.

Taste of India


2495 Hilyard St.

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