Coffeehouse Folk Fairytale

If you’re a sensitive artsy type who swoons over emotional prowess in music, then Laura Marling, a musical folk fairy, is right up your alley.

Marling began her career at 16 after gaining a large following on MySpace (ah, the good ’ole days) and her popularity continued when she joined hipster heartthrob band Noah and the Whale in 2006. She took her music in a different direction after splitting with both Noah and the whale by 2008. Five albums later, Marling is kicking folk ass with her solo career.

She threads themes of sex, shitty relationships and independence into her songs with her ability to write poetic lyrics with a dash of quirk and sass. Imagine a more pixie-esque English version of Regina Spektor, but with added edge. Marling has created a sound that’s mostly alt-folk rock, but her lyrics push her music into the realm of spoken word.

Her latest album Short Movie has a bit more electric guitar and percussion than her earlier music, but she keeps the same quirky punch and lyrical zest of her past tunes.

Grab some coffee, dress in your best distressed artist’s attire and go see Marling perform 8 pm Wednesday, Sept. 28, at WOW Hall; $16.