Pollution Update

$525 fine for Shola’s Quality Plus Cleaners

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) fined Shola Adeniji (doing business as Shola’s Quality Plus Cleaners, located on Bailey Hill Road in Eugene) $525 on Sept. 19 for failing to submit an annual report for 2015 to DEQ. The report was due March 1, 2016, and according to DEQ, such reports “are an important mechanism for DEQ to ensure that dry cleaners are complying with Oregon’s waste minimization regulations.” DEQ also noted in its cover letter to Adeniji that “[s]olvents used for dry cleaning can be toxic and therefore harmful to the public and the environment.” DEQ sent reminder letters to Adeniji about the report in March, April, May and June, followed by a warning letter on June 17 and a pre-enforcement notice on July 12.

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