Pollution Update

Springfield facility along Willamette River cited for hazardous waste law violations

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recently sent Columbus, Ohio-based Hexion Inc. a pre-enforcement notice regarding multiple hazardous waste law violations at Hexion’s facility along the Willamette River in Springfield. DEQ observed numerous hazardous waste labeling violations during a May 2 inspection, as well as an “open 55-gallon drum of phenol contaminated insulation from a leaking pipeline.” DEQ characterized phenol as “a highly toxic hazardous waste.” DEQ also discovered that Hexion had failed to conduct weekly hazardous waste inspections, and that Hexion hadn’t conducted these inspections since January 1. DEQ characterized the violations observed during the inspection as “pos[ing] the risk of significant environmental harm,” and has referred them to its Office of Compliance & Enforcement for additional enforcement.