Review: The Book of Mormon at the Hult

Funny, profane and not for the uptight

Is there a funnier (or more profane) show running? We don’t think so!

And that’s why we’re delighted that Theatre League brought Book of Mormon back for another round! With book, music and lyrics by Robert Lopez (Avenue Q — And Frozen!), Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park), this show’s a marvel. A hybrid of screwball comedy, late-night animation and theater, it’s a musical’s musical — wasting no time, not one moment.

Directors Parker and Casey Nicholaw plumb every moment for its comic riches, and the powerfully hilarious cast pumps out energy throughout, singing, dancing and exchanging ribald dialogue.

This production features Andy Rannells doppelganger Kevin Clay as Elder Price and Conner Peirson as his trusty sidekick (and the show’s ultimate hero) Elder Cunningham.

Both leads are fabulous, and oh my gosh — Peirson! His presence is pure delight. We’re so glad this role even exists, and to see it done well gives us hope for humanity.

That said, this is not the show for your uptight friends and neighbors. This show is perfect satire — parody. Not for the faint of heart. But for the rest of us? (Insert evil cackle). So rewarding! I grinned and laughed for the entire time.

When are my nice Mormon friends coming back to Eugene?

Now through Sunday, Jan. 21 at the Hult. Get tickets here.

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