Lane County Area Spray Information

Pesticide sprays by Weyerhaeuser, Roseburg and more

Roseburg Resources, 541-679-3311, plans to spray 945.5 acres near Smith River in the Oxbow Burn area with Opensight, Cleantraxx, Esplanade F, atrazine, clopyralid, glyphosate, hexazinone, imazapyr, metsulfuron methyl, sulfometuron methyl, triclopyr, 2,4-D, Forest Crop Oil, W.E.B. Oil, Activator 90, Conquer, Brush & Basal Oil, Herbimax, MSO Concentrate, Mor-Act, RRSI NIS surfactant, No Foam, Alligare 90 (non-ionic surfactant) and/or Spray Indicator. See ODF notification 2018-781-03239, call Dan Menk at 541-935-2283 with questions.

Weyerhaeuser, 541-746-2511, plans to aerial and ground spray 5,402 acres in a large area north, south and west of Walterville and the McKenzie River with 2,4-D, atrazine, glyphosate, hexazinone, sulfometuron methyl, clopyralid, fluroxypyr, Fighter F10 and/or Foam Buster. See ODF notifications 2018-771-03364, 2018-771-03383 and 2018-771-03623, call Brian Dally at 541-726-3588 with questions.

W.E. McArthur & Associates, 541-344-0765, plans to hire Strata Forestry, 541-726-0845, to spray 55 acres near Lynx Hollow, 11.5 acres near Lorane, 68.2 acres near Fox Hollow and 46.5 acres near Lorane Hwy with Westar and glyphosate. See ODF notifications 2018-781-03562, 2018-781-03570, 2018-781-03573 and 2018-781-03574, call Brian Peterson at 541-935-2283 with questions.

Jim Jaqua, 541-686-1687, plans to hire Nick’s Timber Service, 503-910-1120, to spray 333.7 acres north of McKenzie View Drive with atrazine, clopyralid, glyphosate, imazapyr, metsulfuron methyl, sulfometuron methyl, triclopyr and/or MSO Concentrate. See ODF notification 2018-771-03772, call Brian Dally at 541-726-3588 with questions.

Pangaea Pacific Timberlands, 541-554-5759, plans to hire Wilbur Ellis Company, 360-507-5340, to aerially spray 316.3 acres near Lookout Point Lake with hexazinone, 2,4-D, clopyralid, sulfometuron methyl and/or atrazine. See ODF notification 2018-771-03958, call Tim Meehan at 541-726-3588 with questions.

Compiled by Gary Hale, Forestland Dwellers: