The Eugene Community Prepares for Potential Harassment

Reports of 'Punish a Muslim Day' circulate locally

The FBI contacted the Eugene Islamic Center the morning of Monday, April 2, to alert the community about “Punish a Muslim Day” slated for today, April 3. There have been unconfirmed reports that someone has been spreading “Punish a Muslim Day” flyers around Lane Community College, according to the Islamic Center. The center says extra police patrol will be scheduled today around the mosque.

UO’s Muslim Student Association released a statement offering support and solidarity to Muslim students, community and UO staff in response. “It is heartbreaking that in the 21st century, there is such [a] thing as ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ that will be happening globally,” the statement, posted on Facebook, says.

“With that, we, the Muslim students, community, and professors will be at the EMU Amphitheater being Muslim and Proud in public. We invite everyone to come stand in solidarity with us all day.”

In its statement, the Muslim Student Association says it will be tabling with information about upcoming events and also just “having lunch with friends, laughing with friends, having conversations with friends, and so forth” from 9 am to 5 pm today, April 3. There will be a UO police sergeant patrolling the area to insure safety, according to the statement.

“Punish a Muslim Day” has not only put Eugene on guard but also other communities around the world. Last month the New York Times published an article about anonymous letters arriving throughout London about “Punish a Muslim Day.” The letters said, “April 3 would be ‘Punish a Muslim Day,’ and that points would be awarded for acts of violence.” These acts spanned from pulling off headscarves to murder and bombings, according to NYT. The letters were sent to at least six communities in England.

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