Preparation for Hayward Field’s Demolition Began Today

East Grandstand Supporters say they will continue to fight

The construction process for Hayward Field is slated to begin June 19, according to the UO’s Around the O news website, but workers were spotted taking up wooden boards from Hayward’s East Grandstand today, Monday, June 11.

When asked about the current work being done on the East Grandstand, UO’s senior director of public affairs, Tobin Klinger, responded via email, “It’s prep.” He also linked to the same Around the O article.

“A small team will begin the inventory process, site preparation and some preliminary salvage work this week,” the Around the O article states, “but activity that will affect parking as well as pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the area will commence next week.”

East Grandstand Supporters, who have been advocating to save the historic grandstand where Steve Prefontaine once ran by, are still fighting the demolition.

Liz Carter is a part of the East Grandstand Supporters. She was at Hayward Field on Monday, June 11, when workers began dismantling the East Grandstand. She says the East Grandstand Supporters are currently talking to attorneys.

She also says she spoke with the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office on Monday morning and confirmed that the UO has not completed the designated process of consulting the preservation office before beginning construction.

Ian Johnson, associate deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, confirms this, but says there are no penalties for not following that process.

More in this Thursday’s print edition.