Lane County, Listed

Weekly Picks: 8/16-8/23

Friday, Aug. 17

Vietnam: An Inner View

The 2018 Bohemian Festival in Cottage Grove focuses on their toga party for the 40th Anniversary of Animal House, but the festival includes several other films. Vietnam: An Inner View kicks the festival off, which takes a more serious tone than the National Lampoon movie. The documentary takes the perspective of one U.S. Marine’s story through three tours of duty in Vietnam. It’s full of original photos and interviews from his brothers-in-arms. And the showing will be a chance to talk about PTSD, an issue many combat veterans face today and many more will experience because the U.S. is still at war in several countries — Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria to name a few.  The documentary shows 4 pm at Healing Matrix, which is located at 632 East Main Street, Cottage Grove. Tickets are $8.

Music’s Edge Summer Rock Camp Showcase

AC/DC wasn’t wrong when they said rock ‘n’ roll is never gonna die. So support the youth as they take their initial steps in rockin’ out in Music’s Edge Summer Rock Camp Showcase. These kids have been working their fingers to the bone, immersed in some of rock’s classic songs with their coaches and are ready to rock your socks off. The show starts at 7 pm at WOW Hall. Tickets are $5.

Saturday, Aug. 18

Tactics Deck-A-Thlon 2018

Who knows when skateboarding will make it into the Olympics, but the Tactics Deck-A-Thlon will keep us entertained in the meantime. The event will feature 10 different games, which includes the longest Ollie award (an award that requires just as much creativity and finesse as the long jump). Best of all, the games doesn’t need a fancy new Hayward Field. Local winners will receive prizes but no word whether they’ll be on the box of Wheaties. The games run noon to 6 pm at Washington-Jefferson Skatepark. FREE.

2nd Annual Growl to Garden Mile Race and Beer Fest

Running a mile won’t burn the calories from all that beer you’re about to drink. But when else will you have the opportunity to run down 5th Avenue without being stopped by cars that don’t stop at stop signs? The 2nd Annual Growl to Garden Mile Race and Beer Fest brings together drinking and Eugene’s running culture. If running isn’t your thing, stick around for the music, food carts and live entertainment. There are two races: high school and open mile. $15-$20.

Sunday, Aug. 19

Leger Lessons Paint the Farm

Connecting to nature and rural communities is the disconnect artists sometimes need to create great art — alcohol helps, too. Megan Leger will hold a class on painting landscapes — with art materials included. The class is held at Agrarian Ales at 31115 W. Crossroads Lane West, Coburg. Class fees are $35.