The Night is Short, but the Adventure is Endless

Jump inside the sticky sweet world of Masaaki Yuasa, director of Lu Over The Garden Wall and Devilman Crybaby, as he masterfully crafts a tale of a girl, a boy and a night full of alcohol. The Night is Short, Walk On Girl is the newest work by Yuasa, taking you inside the nightlife of Kyoto, Japan (albeit a fictional one) where the cocktails, romance and fantasy are endless.

The tale is centered around The Girl with the Black Hair (Kuroi Kami no Otome) and her seemingly endless adventures through drinking contests, guerrilla theater performances, a used book fair and a whirlwind storm. Colors and imagination run wild in this film, making it incredibly vivid and beautiful, as though you are in the dream world yourself.

Enjoyable for any age but catered to adults, this flick is sure to please almost anyone whether you speak Japanese (or read English, young viewers) or not. Showing only twice in Eugene, this Wednesday, Aug. 22, is your last chance to catch the movie in theaters. Don’t miss this one of a kind cinematic lemon drop: sweet, sour and absolutely delicious. (Regal Valley River)

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