Lane County, Listed

Weekly Picks: 9/6-9/13

Friday, Sept. 7

Channel Your Inner Goth

Fall is almost here. Rather than consuming pumpkin spice lattes, take part in the Eugene Gothic Weekend at Old Nick’s Pub (located at 211 Washington Street). Friday and Saturday night will have dancing, but make sure you stop by for the Dark Arts Market, which makes me wonder if it’ll be a real life Diagon Alley — if it is, brush up on your “Defence Against the Dark Arts” lessons.

Friday, Sept. 7
9 pm to 2 am
Ghost House Goth Industrial Dark Dance
$4 at the door, 21+
Ft. DJs Owen [Dark Room SFO, The Hanging Garden Radio Show], Perfidia and Refugium

Saturday, Sept. 8
1 to 7 pm
Dark Arts Market
FREE, All Ages

9 pm to 2 am
Ghost House Presents a Night of Live Gothic Music

Saturday, Sept. 8

Does Your Ferret Have Game?

Are you looking for an alternative to the Oregon Ducks warm up game against Portland State (by the way, don’t forget to read our coverage on Saturday). The 2018 Pirate Ferret Agility Trials will give you everything you ever wanted in an athletic contest. In addition to games like Tube Run, Cup Tip and Strongest Ferret Competition, the event will include carnival games. The games run noon to 4 pm at Emerald Park, located at 1400 Lake Drive. FREE and carnival tickets range from .25 to $3.

Sunday, Sept. 9

Commit Murder in Disguise

Have you ever wondered what happened to those glorious dinner theater events? You know, where you chow down and accuse your partner — whom you thought you knew — of committing murder? Murder in Disguise, an interactive murder mystery dinner, brings back the fun of blind accusations. See if you have what it takes to be a Sherlock Holmes. Very Little Theater, 2350 Hilyard Street. Proceeds benefit Eugene Symphony. RSVP at 541-342-4795. $22.50-$45.

Stoned Face Jokers

Have you ever told a joke so high that you not only forgot the punchline but butchered the delivery? The Gateway Show has stand-up comedians first tell their jokes then they get high, and try to tell it again. It’s almost like Drunk History — but better. Hosted by Luke Severeid, comedians include Nariko OttMike MasilottiDashiell Thompson and more. Some of these comedians aren’t regular smokers either, so don’t expect perpetual stoners. The show is at Whirled Pies, located at 199 W. 8th Avenue. Doors open at 6 pm and show starts at 7 pm. Tickets are $12-$25, 21+.

Monday, Sept. 10

Shoot to Thrill

Do you know the “Thriller” dance by heart? If not, shame on you. But that’s OK. Venue 252 is hosting a Thrill The World, where people can learn the moves of the late, great Michael Jackson. It’s the first step for you to join in on future “Thriller” flash mobs during fall. The lesson runs 6 to 7 pm. FREE.