Knute Buehler’s Campaign Didn’t Read EW’s Endorsements

And they keep robocalling the office

Apparently Knute Buehler’s campaign didn’t get the memo that Eugene Weekly endorsed Gov. Kate Brown.

Or know that despite repeated attempts to contact Rep. Buehler for election stories, he and his campaign wouldn’t get back to us. Because Team Buehler has been lighting up EW‘s landlines with robocalls.

The robocalls saying “Kate Brown is lying” and “Don’t let the Democrats steal the election from us” have been coming in fast and furious  — eight from the weekend and today, at last count, including one recorded by his wife, Patty Buehler.

The election is tomorrow, and EW‘s editorial board is hoping that Knute Buehler’s election strategy of robocalling liberal alt weeklies doesn’t pan out.

Also. Vote.

Election Day Update

As of 11 am, two Buehler robocalls, two live calls.

The first live call, Elisha Young, who gets to answer most of EW‘s calls, responded to the question “Can Knute count on your vote?” with a simple, “No.”

To the second caller, a gentleman named Zachary, she was a little more clear. “We are a newspaper,” she said, “and we endorsed Kate Brown.” The fact EW is a newspaper is made clear to most callers by the fact she answers the phone, “Good morning, Eugene Weekly.” But Knute’s campaign, with its message of “Don’t let Kate Brown steal the election,” was undaunted.

After being told EW is in fact a newspaper and endorsed Brown, and Buehler could not count on our support, Zachary said, “I’m so sorry for you guys.”

He sounded genuinely concerned.

Then we got another robocall.

Election Day Update Two

11:10 am, another live call from the Buehler campaign.

Molly told us we are “making a poor choice” in endorsing Kate Brown.

This election strategy of criticizing voters (or in this case newspapers) for not favoring their candidate is a bold one — especially since again let’s not forget that candidate Buehler wouldn’t respond to repeated requests for comment on his campaign.

Election Day Update Three

2 pm. Another call, another Buehler campaigner disappointed in Eugene Weekly.

Quick someone tell Phil Knight he gave Buehler too much money.

Election Day Update Four

3:10 pm. This caller was pretty annoyed when Young told him EW had endorsed Brown and that everyone’s voted and that asked him to take the paper off the call list.

Buehler volunteer campaign strategy: Pissy pushback?