Narrow Concerns

I was perplexed by Deb McGee’s letter to the editor in last week’s Eugene Weekly (“Hey Dems” Nov. 21). She would seem to be categorizing Congressman Peter DeFazio as one of the “corporate Dems.” 

This is a bizarrely incongruous label to apply to someone who stands up against big corporations with the courage, knowledge, skill, stamina and hard work that DeFazio brings to the battles he fights on our behalf. I don’t always agree with him, but I do feel that he deserves our heartfelt appreciation.   

McGee’s uninformed, hectoring fervency feels to me like something I might rather expect from the Right. It is not only saddening but, more than that, frustrating to find this tone being used in support of values I share. It is not persuasive — instead, it makes vital environmental and climate concerns sound narrow, shrill and malicious.

Carlis Nixon