Local and Vocal

The Citizen Commentary Issue

One of Eugene Weekly’s strengths has always been you, our readers. The community sees EW as its own paper, and in fact we are — as a free, locally owned paper of record, it’s our readers who keep us alive and in print.

Because we are an alt weekly as well as a community paper, we pepper our fact-based journalism with some sass, snark and fun. Readers can see what we care about through what we cover, so we don’t run long editorials per se, preferring to weigh in via short bursts in Slant. But we do like to give space in our opinion section to our readers and columnists. We print as many letters to the editor as we can fit, and we run columns and readers’ viewpointslocal and vocal — whenever we can.

In this week’s issue, we turned our cover-feature slot over to some of our columnists weighing in on local and state issues. Enjoy, get mad, write back.

Hot Air Society:
Big Tents and Family Feuds
A look at the next Oregon legislative session
by Tony Corcoran

Democracy in Education:
Can Children Be ‘Too Young to Test’?
A new bill seeks to stop standardized testing of little children
By Roscoe Caron, Pat Eck, Jan Eck and Larry Lewin

Climate Reality:
Climate Recovery Starts at Home
Catalyzing environmental action in the community
By Patty Hine, Debby McGee and Sara Burant

The ‘Register Gag’
Missing what we had? Support what we have
By Bob Warren

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