Downsized Dream

Re: Greg Williams’ letter (“Too Many People,” Feb. 28): A wise man once said, “Never get into an argument with a man who claims to know what makes a seal happy.” Oh well, here goes…

There is nothing about “overpopulation” that “exacerbates racial tensions in multicultural societies,” and it is not specious parsing to say that even substituting “overcrowding” does not fully correct for the error. Tenement slums are “overcrowded” — palatial estates, not so much.

More accurately, institutionalized poverty supported by tax giveaways to the already obscenely well-off is a breeding ground for criminal enterprises of both white and blue collar varieties, they being politically correct terms for corrupt businessmen, street thugs and their lawyer-politician enablers. Pick your favorite and vote accordingly. 

Those interested enough to want to cut through Williams’ mirthful prose can flip on their Google box and learn that the slight downtick in RV sales in 2018 is the result of an uptick in years prior, and is due not so much to a dearth of seniors dodging cooler climes as it is to the millennial generation looking for affordable housing.

The soft bigotry of low expectations, having been fully implemented with masterful effect: The downsizing of the American Dream is now complete.

Leo Muzzy