Stereotypes All Around

Re: Mr. Arthur Waterbridge’s ideas (3/21) of why men of color are culturally predisposed to being violent to women: WTF? I read his words over and over, first in disgust at the stereotypes, then to make sure he wasn’t just being sarcastic.

You show me any culture, any color, and I’ll show you some men who will treat others with disrespect and violence.

Does Waterbridge deny that some rich white men buy their (and their kids’) way to the front of the line or use people of color for slave labor or cheat on taxes and beat their wives? How about the poor men in “fly-over” U.S.A. that are addicted to everything, beat their wives, sleep with their daughters and blame the “elite Left” in big cities for all their woes. Is this their traditional American culture?

What Waterbridge is reiterating is the mantra that has been coming from EIB, FOX and Coast 2 Coast broadcasts for over 25 years.

Crap sells. Period. And there are about 100 million people in the U.S. who are more than ready to believe lies, condone immorality and perpetuate stereotypes just to belong to a group. Sad — and dangerous.

I’ll say this: If there is a real God and humans are created in his image, “he” is one sorry SOB.

Annie Kayner


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