Reality vs. Ideology

In his letter (“This Should Go Over Well,” 3/21), Arthur Waterbridge writes of his dislike of the term “toxic masculinity.” I don’t care for this kind of terminology either, generally speaking, along with phrases like “cultural genocide.”

However, Mr. Waterbridge makes a number of statements that deserve calling out. 

“If liberals have their way, Latin and black cultures would be wiped off the face of the Earth” is, of course, simply nonsense.  

“Because we impose our ideals of gender relations on people of other cultures, black and Latino men get arrested for rape and sexual assault at an alarmingly higher rate that white men” — this suggests that the crime of rape is not defined by law, and that somehow it’s “the liberals” that are making the complaints to law enforcement.

First, this kind of claim should certainly cite its source and, second, I would have guessed that rapes are reported by the person who got raped.

“Stop punishing them for simply being who they are”: Once again, rape is defined by law, not political ideology. Mr. Waterbridge’s accusations toward the Left are misguided, misleading and inappropriate. 

Doug Curry