Happy Yeaster, Doughnuts Have Risen

Voodoo Doughnuts busts out limited run of doughnuts inspired by 4/20 and Easter

It’s not 4/20 or Easter without Voodoo Doughnut running a special line of doughnuts that makes its usual menu look tame.

Because Eugene Weekly has become the paper of record for local weed, the newsroom requested a box of Voodoo’s special doughnuts, which run from Friday, April 19 to Saturday, April 20. Once we got over the stomachache and sugar crashes that you experience when given (and eating) a box full of sugar, we reflected on the experience.

Get a (sugar) high for 4/20

Voodoo created four doughnuts for its 4/20-inspired menu. The names reflect the type of pot-infused humor you’d expect from Voodoo.

First, and what we thought was going too far before biting into it, was a doughnut combining sweet and savory. How wrong we were. The doughnut, called “Munchie Madness,” brought together chocolate frosting and caramel drizzle with potato stix (yes, those weird chip-like fries that come in a can at the grocery stores). The combination of the sweet and savory was well balanced.

This doughnut, if you’re eating it while stoned, would for sure spell trouble since it is incredibly addicting.

Courtesy of Voodoo Doughnut

Two of the other 4/20-inspired doughnuts took on personalities of famous rappers. One for Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Voodoo, in an uncool manner, calls it Old Dirty Bastard) and another for Eminem (isn’t he more of a pillhead than a pothead?).

The ODB isn’t too different than the Old Dirty in that both doughnuts strongly feature crumbled Oreo cookies on top. The only difference is the ODB has a peanut butter drizzle. It’s a fine doughnut, and it’s something you’d expect from Voodoo.

M&Ms take the spotlight on the Marshall Mathers (the birth name of Eminem) doughnut. Every bite is essentially a mouthful of the candy-coated treat, though the plain cake doughnut underneath does offer some balance.

The most gimmicky doughnut of the 4/20 selection is the Maple Blazer blunt. Now, it looks more like an ice cream cone than it does a blunt — but then again, contrary to public opinion, EW isn’t rolling enough joints to be judging joint presentation. The doughnut tastes like a flat churro because of its cinnamon sugar on a yeast doughnut.

An Easter experience

Courtesy Voodoo Doughnut

EW didn’t get a chance to try out the Easter Egg in its full glory. Rather than getting a doughnut filled with chocolate Bavarian cream, it was vanilla. No big deal because the peanut butter overwhelmed our taste buds. We had another go at the doughnut with chocolate filling. The second time around, the donut seemed more balanced. But is there any surprise that chocolate can bring balance to the world?

Regardless of the filling, it’s a doughnut that would please the peanut butter lover since it’s reminiscent of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg.

Voodoo’s intention was another candy, however. Tres Shannon, co-founder of the doughnut shop, said in a statement that the doughnut is an ode to the Cadbury Egg, “an all-time favorite of mine.” Perhaps he’s thinking of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme egg? Either way, the office Reese’s fans were happy.

Courtesy Voodoo Doughnut

The second Easter doughnut is something you’d find in the parish hall after Easter mass. The Easter Sprinkle Cake is simple. It’s a plain cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and Easter sprinkles. There’s not much to it and it’s definitely Voodoo’s attempt at developing the stereotypical Protestant doughnut. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes all you need is a simple doughnut.

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