Hail The Fatherland

The time is rapidly coming, friends, when we shall have to decide whether we are for or against the real America — whether we shall have to take to the streets against those who wish us harm.

  Don’t buy into the left-wing gibberish you hear on namby-pamby lame-stream media like Fox and Bytbrat. Those snowflakes are wolves in sheep’s clothing, trying to lull us into complaiscency…  complacency… complastinceeh… lull us into not paying attention to the infection trying to sneak into our pure national blood.

Show more patriotism! Put more and bigger flags on your pick-ups! Wherever and whenever two or more real Americans gather, start chanting USA!  Publicly burn this newspaper! Fake News!

We need to make our Fatherland Liberal-Free. If it takes blood, then let it be their mixed, degenerate blood. We all know it — Liberals like Agnostica Occasional-Ocasek and Nancy Pellegra have no home in our country. We should send them all to Madagascar, or to resettlement in the East.

The time has come to Stand Up For America! The time has come to boldly and publicly proclaim that the Libs Are Our Misfortune! The time has come to, without fear of consequences, let the lefty-vermin know that America is Donald Trump and Donald Trump is America! The time has come to raise in unison our right arms and affirm our goal loudly and proudly: One People! One Nation! One Leader! 

Hail Victory!

Jamie Selko


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