Homes For What?

In Henry Houston’s article in the 5/30 EW, he quotes Jacob Fox, executive director of Homes for Good, saying, “…backing out of the contract would result in a lawsuit and may be a slippery slope that sets a precedent about whom the agency could and couldn’t sell property to.”

In a society such as ours, changing things can be done in three ways: 1) riot and overthrow bad things by the people, 2) change the laws through the Legislature, or, 3) take the issue to court and have a decision brought down by a judge or jury. 

If Homes for Good is taken to court and the final verdict were that they could not sell to corporations such as Seattle-based Evergreen Housing, I would yell ‘Hallelujah!!!’ from the top of Skinner Butte. If that were the outcome — I say bring on that slippery slope and let’s focus on what’s needed in Eugene — affordable housing, not market-rate units that the majority of people here in Eugene cannot afford. 

Let’s do what’s right — before the angry masses turn on the so-called decision makers and force change from the bottom up.

Melanie J. Kundert